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My First 2 Years in Business.

2018 was the year when my life started to take a turn for me.

At the beginning of 2018 I started a new job in a gym. Not only as a receptionist but cleaning toilets too (women's only), and even though i hated working there, I needed to stick with it to earn an income. In April 2018, just after my birthday, I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t expecting it and it was a shock! Primarily because I have PCOS and I was previously told it was very unlikely I could get pregnant! However, it was a blessing, and in actual fact the biggest blessing in disguise! The same day I quit my job with no notice, I knew I needed to stop wasting time, I needed to sort my sh*t out and find something that would help me provide for my family and enable me to build my future life.

Exactly two weeks later I got introduced to this business, it was perfect timing. I instantly saw the big business and I just knew that this was me! I was all in and I had no plan B.

In the first 18 months of my business, every single day, I worked on myself and I worked on my business. I knew if I wanted to succeed in this business, I needed to become a better person and I needed to grow into the leader and the person I wanted to be. I also knew if I wanted to succeed, I had to put the work in, be consistent and never quit. So, this is exactly what I did.

It took me quite a while to hit my first promotion in this business and I believe it’s because I needed to work on myself first, I needed to learn and I needed to grow. It took me 18 months exactly to hit my first promotion, some people may do it in a month, but I persevered as I knew this business was for me and it would help me achieve everything I wanted to in life. There were times I wanted to quit and times I really struggled, but I stuck to it and it has made me a better person; Independent, ambitious, focused and confident. So even if it took me a while, it has been the best journey of my life. The fact I have been able to do this alongside giving birth to my gorgeous baby boy, has been a dream come true.

Fast forward to 2 years and 3 months in this business, to be exact, and this business has completely changed my life and it has given me an opportunity to create my own future, support my family and know anything is possible.

When I first started this business it was about what I could get for me, I had my vision and I set out to achieve it. However, I was not expecting what was about to happen. I have built up a team of incredible, inspirational ladies. Nothing makes me prouder than watching them succeed and I am even more grateful to see the impact that my vision is now having and it is even more profound than I ever could have imagined. I am helping other ladies achieve more from life and find their passion, not confining themselves to the glass ceiling of their careers, limited by society - by the gender pay gap or deciding between being a successful female in their chosen career or a mother.

So what have I achieve in my first 2 years in business?

I am a full-time mum to my little boy and work this business on the side earning a full-time income. I do not have to choose between being a full-time mum, never missing a moment and having a successful career. I can have it all. I have been able to watch Cassius, my son, grow and learn every day, I’ve never missed a moment and we can spend our days as we please and this is the best thing this business has gave me.

It has also helped me personally, helped me with my mindset and helped me become a more positive person. I have met so many inspirational like-minded people through this business and have made friends for life. I can treat myself and Cassius without relying on anyone else. I can provide for Cassius and help my mom when needed. I have been able to start saving for our first home. It has given me choices. It has helped me believe in myself. It has given me a "golden ticket", which I am going to pass on to as many people as possible. This truly is only the start of my journey and I am excited to help as many people along the way.

This business is not for everyone, it is not a get rich quick scheme, it is hard work. But if this business is for you, it can completely change your life.

I went from being lost, broke and pregnant to building a global business alongside my son, being the best mom I can possibly be and fully providing for us. My heart is so full; I am grateful for so much.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing, if you are finding this even slightly relatable and are interested in exactly what I do then please get in contact with me as I would love to share it with you…

Lots of love,

Aaliyah x

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